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Kenyan Author and Historian

This month we focus on Professor Maina wa Kînyattî. Maina wa Kînyattî is widely considered the foremost researcher on the Mau Mau in Kenya. Maina is the 1988 Winner of the PEN Freedom to write Award.  Maina has authored several books including Dedan Kimathi Speaks (letters written to and by Dedan Kimathi), History of Resistance in Kenya, The Agîkûyû 1890-1965, Thunder from the Mountains: Poems & Songs from the Mau Mau, Kenya: A Prison Notebook, Mwakenya: The Unfinished Revolution, Mwaki Ûtangîhoreka, The Pen and the Gun, Kenya’s Freedom Struggle: The Dedan Kîmathi Papers and Kenya’s Freedom Struggle.

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