Mdahalo Publishing HouseTelling your Stories!

Have you always wanted to write?  Did you grow up in a culture of storytelling at the fireside? Have you been writing but do not know where to take your stories? We provide you with an opportunity to self publish. Share your stories and allow our team of publishing experts guide you on your journey to becoming an author. 

Mdahalo Publishing House supports authors like you with the expertise to shape your writing into a published document. Our vision is to get as many writers as possible to become published authors. We provide assistance to our authors based on our extensive expert resources and publishing experience.  Mdahalo Publishing House will hold your hand and offer a step-to-step guide on the various stages of getting a book published from the pre-publishing to the post-publishing stage. 

We understand that it is challenging for first time writers to get their stories published and distributed.  This situation prevails despite the wealth of stories waiting to be told that exists worldwide.  We are here for you!

Publishing Packages

We offer a comprehensive range of publishing packages and services for each author’s specific needs at an affordable price.

Supported self-publishing 

This is a professional, affordable and efficient way to get your book into print. Mdahalo Publishing House’s supported self-publishing unlike self-publishing, offers all the expertise you need under one roof and with less hassle and expense.  As the author, you control the rights to your book.  

Traditional publishing 

It is every author’s dream to be published but it is difficult to get manuscripts accepted by publishers. Only a few get published every year. Mdahalo Publishing House publishes two authors every year; a decision arrived at through a rigorous process. 


Self-publishing can be profitable in the long run but it requires a significant investment and long-term commitment.  It is especially difficult for first time writers who are required to acquire an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) edit the manuscript, arrange the chapters for flow, design and layout the book’s interior and cover, find a printer, hire a distributor, warehouse the inventory and market the book. Self-publishing requires a significant investment of time, money and effort.  Mdahalo Publishing House supported self-publishing has experts to walk with authors along all these processes after which they can decide where they want their book published. Supported self-publishing means that authors have complete control over all the aspects of their book and keep all the profits after recouping the initial investment.  Mdahalo Publishing House’s supported self-publishing is an efficient and affordable way to get started, and ultimately get published!

Mdahalo Publishing House offers 

·      Professional publishing, editing, proofreading and marketing for books whether print or electronic. 

·      Conversion of manuscripts to ebook formats.

·      Cover and interior design and layout services.

·      Assignment of an ISBN number. International Standard Book Number is a 13-digit number that identifies published books for marketing, libraries, schools and book distributors. 

·      Creative Control of your book’s design and content – we don’t own your copyright, you do. 

·      Marketing services

·      Making the book available to distribution channels who sell or purchase the book such as online book sites, bookstores, libraries and books. 

·      Industry Standard publishing and publicity services 

·      Availability in print or electronic formats

·      Books published within months, not years. 

·      Experience and commitment.

We have book formats for everyone

Mdahalo Publishing House provides the tools to produce books in print form, Audio and Digital.   A team of professional experts guide the author at every stage of the publishing process.


Copy editors will assist in fine-tuning your manuscript. 


Advanced publishing technology ensures all books are released in digital format as well as, if the author wishes, a print format. The book can also be recorded as an audio book. 


Creative artists and designers offer beautiful cover designs, professional interior layouts and colorful illustrations. 

Printing and Marketing

Professional printers will support the author in all stages to make the manuscript into a published book.  A range of marketing tools that include promotional campaigns and book launches will help to get everyone talking about the book. 

All above services will be offered at affordable prices.