Slay Health – A Girls’ Guide to Vaginal Health by Lilian Jebet

Few women have the courage to talk about vaginal hygiene like Lilian Jebet does in this book. Talking to girls entering adolescence on what to expect and how to manage the new developments is key in ensuring wholesome growth and development of confident women. Lilian believes that there everything to be proud of being a woman, and taking control of one’s vaginal health brings a special kind of beauty and esteem.

In this one of a kind book, Jebet, a Communications professional, works with a qualified gynecologist in dissecting the intricate topic with precision and purpose. She puts aside, piece by piece, the different elements that constitute vaginal hygiene – including sensitive issues such as menstruation, and how some of the commonly used beauty and fashion products undermine the very objective they are supposed to promote and end up causing vaginal and urinary tract infections.

So, if you have ever suffered yeast infection, UTI, bacterial vaginosis, or wish to prevent them from ever occurring, you have in your hands perhaps the most resourceful guide you will ever need. Read it from cover to cover, practise what it teaches, and then pass it to a girl or woman whose health you really care about.



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