Sins of My Father by Ida Kemunto

Ayira. The chosen one. Daughter of the Attorney General. Fiancee to the son of a mogul in the lucrative tea trade in Kenya. Smitten by the unworldly innocence of the son of a plumber. Beautiful, admirable and famous – perfect Ayira.

Appearances are deceptive. From a young age, Ayira is desperate to win her father’s love unsuccessfully. The Attorney General has plans for her. He believes he can only reach the pinnacle of his success through her. She was born to be the ruler he couldn’t be.

Jeffery, the Charismatic son of a plumber, thinks he can save her father, but she knows better. Yet his resilience pushes her to question everything in her life in spite of knowing the dangers of defying her father. What begins in compulsion between the two becomes a dangerous game. She finds herself torn between very different men, in two irreconcilable lives with her father pressuring her to do his bidding.

In the end,it is a question of love, money and power; and the greatest of them all. Will love tramp duty?







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