Miriam Kimani – Winning Outside Losing Inside September 29, 2020 – Posted in: Author Interviews

  1. Who is Miriam Kimani?

Miriam Kimani is a Kenyan born, raised in the UK. She is known by the majority as an author, some as a support teacher and minority, a mentor. Miriam Kimani is an author, launched her first book in 2018 in Kenya . Thereafter, had a passion and a desire to continue impacting within her sphere.

In 2019 she was recognized as an outstanding youth writer where, she then opened her website as a platform to continue reaching out to more in places she cannot go as of now. Additionally, she felt the need to encourage others to also win by identifying their gifts within themselves by, believing what they put their mind in to they can achieve.

In 2020 she introduced a blog section and made it a cornerstone for others to utilize their skills empowering others to keep the fire burning by also supporting a new project she is currently working on. Outside of this Miriam is a dedicated, effervescent individual who, enjoys learning new things, adventures, movies, music, and family. Time is free but expensive to use . So she takes every second, every minute, every hour, every day and makes it special in some way.

2. What inspired the book title ‘Winning Outside Losing Inside’?

What inspired me to write the book abbreviated WOLI, is being a PK (pastor’s kid) where majority of the ideology assume we’re slightly different as humans so we should be ok according to what they see on the outside but on the inside they may not be aware you’re not fine.

However the book can relate with more than just PK’s because in a world where faces are cosmetics and smiles are plastic most look like they’re winning on the outside but on the inside they’re really not. There was a need to emphasize that you win inside out your inside is a reflection on the outside . You measure your progress from the inside out to fully emerge victorious. Or, as what I say often is :

if loving your neighbor is like loving yourself, you are as to others as you are to yourself.- Miriam Kimani

3. You were the Face of Faith in 2020 ‘a Christian Pageant instituted with the aim of instilling virtue and godliness in women and the girl children in society.’ How was this journey essential for you as a writer?

So far working this year with face of faith UK edition, I have learnt what it means to be in line with proverbs 31. There is the uniqueness that comes with this in order to install virtue to the girl child. One of them being a voice not a noise. A wise person knows when to speak and when to listen. As a writer it sets standard for me as I write. I am encouraged to do it with strength and dignity and without fear as I use wise words; to give instructions with kindness.

4. As a Kenyan author based in the UK how are you able to reach both audiences with your work?

Social media!

Social media, has a way to reach to people in places you cannot get to. This could be where people have tagged you for your work giving others an insight to who you are and about you which opens a door for them to reach out to you. The people who have personally contacted me for the book have also created a way to support me with their word of mouth by sharing with others to also win inside out.

Further, I have a website : miriamkimani.com of which this year it has been useful in ways I could not fathom. I started a blog section and got a few people to write in relation to my next project. Through this it enabled me to reach out to people who I may have not known and vice versa so I am thankful everyone who has participated so far with the blogs.

5. As a mentor, writer and educator, how do you remain full even when giving so much?

Make sure you can encourage the people you draw to you through the style you build … this statement is my constant reminder which, is how I remain full. We live in an era where, social media can impact you, influence you, persuade you, break you, or even pressure you.

Knowing who I am and where I am going has humbled me to understand that my life is a letter that’s being written as an experience for someone else. Allowing my progress and process to be different without feeling like at a certain age I have not achieved what is circulating on the internet. After all, a lesson is learnt through repeated teaching without this repetition I may not have experience as God intends so, I choose to remain in peace than broken pieces that His ways are higher than my thoughts and he has a good future for me to prosper me and not to harm me.

6. What impact do you hope your book achieves to those who read it?

My greatest desire is that lives will be content ! Being content with who you are, where you are is valuable when you know that not everyone is running the same race as you. Some could be running away from fears. When you’re content you have the joy that can’t be explained from the inside not everyone would see it but when you’re personally content on the inside it reflects on the outside.

Additionally, for people not to live their lives under a masks at times we can be consumed to what we think others progressions are according to what we see them post or portray and get discouraged hence the need to measure your progress from the inside out in order for you to win both inside and outside too.

7. Can we look forward to another book in the future?

I am currently working on another book. People can definitely expect something else soon. I am taking a bit of time with this one than usual because it’s a book in relation to an area that constantly changes as time changes, I wouldn’t want to miss out on important key points for my target audience.

8. Who is a great Kenyan author whose works you enjoy?

A CACTUS IN THE DESERT. “An Autobiography of Reverend Teresa Wairimu Kinyanjui”
This was one of my first Kenyan book to read, I enjoyed her journey what she’s written is what she has experienced which gave me a different view of how God can work not just what we read in the bible as those are some of the things he did but the more he can do with us to be a letter for others to read and believe for extraordinary expectation in our situations.

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